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Discover the convenience of At Home Bathrooms - a leading bathroom online store of showers and bathrooms direct in the UK. Our diverse range of bathroom products includes everything from showers to accessories, available at affordable prices. Let us help you create the bathroom you've always wanted.
Take a look at our quality shower head, arms & fixings,  shower enclosures, shower trays and walk in showers.
Also if you are looking for a complete shower enclosure with a tray, take a look at our shower enclosure packages.

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Exposed shower valves from our online bathroom store. Take a look at our ranges.

Q: What is an exposed shower valve?

A: An exposed shower valve is a type of shower valve that is mounted on the surface of the wall. It typically has a visible pipe network and handles that allow you to control the temperature and flow of the water.  It is avaulble with one shower head on a rail, or as a 'Dual exposed shower' which includes a rainfall larger head above aswell. 

Concealed shower valves and shower sets to order online today. At Home bathrooms offer bathrooms and showers direct to you.

Q: What is a concealed shower valve?
A: A concealed shower valve is a shower valve that is installed behind the wall, with only the control plate visible. This creates a sleek and modern look for your bathroom while also allowing for easy temperature and pressure control.   These come as a manual or thermostatic version. Theses are available as a single outlet (control one shower head)  dual (two shower heads ie. handset & rainfall head) or triple outlet (i.e handset/rainfall head and a outlet to fill up a bath via a wall mounted bath spout or overflow filler. 

For all showers, & taps please make sure your water system is suitable (low or high pressure system) for any product(s) you are buying.

If you are unsure what to buy - do talk to us, we maybe able to advise.

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