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Bathroom Furniture

Find the perfect addition to your bathroom with our collection of Bathroom Furniture. Select from our expertly crafted wall hung and floor mounted bathroom units, tall storage units, and cloakroom units. Our Toilet BTW units are specially designed to suit your needs and fit perfectly in your space. With our good quality range, you can trust us to provide you with what you need.

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Our Bathroom furniture online comes in various styles and configurations to suit all bathroom layouts and designs! Why not add some storage under the basin to hide all your daily essential bathroom products away!

Here are some common types of vanity units..

Wall Hung Vanity Units

  • These units are fixed directly to the wall, creating a floating appearance.

  • Ideal for small bathrooms as they free up floor space, giving the illusion of a larger area.

  • Easy to clean underneath, making them a hygienic choice.

Floor Mounted Vanity Units

  • These units rest on the floor and typically have cupboard or drawer storage space beneath the basin.

  • Often more substantial in size, providing additional storage options.

  • Can be a focal point in larger bathrooms due to their size and design.

​Countertop Vanity Units

  • The basin is sat on top of a counter worktop, providing a stylish and modern look.

  • Allows for customization of the countertop material, adding to the aesthetic appeal.

  • May include open shelving or drawers or cupboards for storage.

Shall I choose a vanity unit with a drawer or a cupboard ?

Drawer-Based Vanity Units

  • Incorporate drawers for storage, providing easy organization of toiletries and other bathroom essentials.

  • Ideal for those who prefer a clean and organized look in the bathroom.

  • Drawers are often designed with dividers for better organization.

Cupboard-Based Vanity Units

  • Feature cupboard-style doors that open to reveal shelves or larger storage areas.

  • Suitable for storing bulkier items or items that you may not want on display.

  • Can contribute to a more traditional or classic bathroom aesthetic.

Benefits of Vanity Units with Drawers 

  • Organized Storage: Drawers offer a systematic way to store and access various items, keeping the space neat and organized.

  • Visibility: It's easy to see and access the contents of drawers, making it simpler to find what you need.

  • Space Efficiency: Drawers maximize the use of available space, providing storage from top to bottom.

Benefits of Vanity Units with Cupboards

  • Concealed Storage: Cupboards hide the contents from view, creating a cleaner and more streamlined appearance.

  • Bulk Storage: Suitable for storing larger, taller or bulkier items that may not fit well in drawers.

  • Versatility: Cupboards can often come with a shelf, accommodating different-sized items.

Taps to suit Vanity Units. 

  • Vanity units typically come with 1 tap hole in the centre, which is predrilled in the basin, ready to install a basin mixer tap.

  • Smaller taps are often purchased to suit smaller products, i.e cloakroom vanity units & basins.  Some of the smaller basins have a tap hole predrilled to one side or at a angle. 

  • Countertop/ washbowls basins are designed for tall basin mixer taps installed to one side of it, or wall mounted basin taps above. 

At Home Bathrooms can assist you on purchasing all types of bathroom furniture set.  Browse our bathroom store and find your perfect bathroom furniture including quality wall hung vanity units , floor mounted vanity units, traditional bathroom furniture combination vanity unit or back to wall toilet toilet units. We also supply suitable taps and waste fittings.


If you are unsure what to order, please get in touch! 

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