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Bathroom Suites

Bathroom Suites in UK

We Supply Bathroom Suites and Furniture Across The UK


Shop from our collection of complete Bathroom Suites and Cloakroom sets. We offer a variety of bathroom suite packages at great value, low cost prices with direct delivery in the UK, we have the perfect Bathroom Suite for you, whether you are looking for a complete bathroom suite packtoilet and basin set or a new cloakroom suite.
Create your dream bathroom suite today!

Bathroom Suites & Sets To Buy Today

Are you ready to transform your bathroom into a luxurious oasis? Look no further than our amazing selection of complete bathroom suite packs! With top-quality products and unbeatable value, you can have the bathroom of your dreams delivered right to your doorstep. Choose from a variety of styles and prices to find the perfect suite for you. Get ready to love your bathroom like never before!

Bathroom Suites Packs

A Bathroom suite pack is a coordinated set of bathroom fixtures that are designed to provide a cohesive and stylish look to your bathroom while ensuring functionality. A Bathroom Suite typically consists of one or more of the following bathroom items.

Bath or Shower Enclosure:

Includes a bathtub, shower enclosure, or shower tray for washing and relaxing.

Basin & Pedestal or Vanity Unit with Storage:

Where grooming tasks like brushing teeth and washing hands are performed. Vanity Units provide a space to organise toiletries. 


Essential product for privacy and bodily needs.

Heated Towel Rail or Radiator:

Perfect for drying towels or to heat up the bathroom!

Taps & Wastes:

This can include basin mixer taps, bath filler taps and waste fittings


Plenty of choice of showers with both concealed and exposed shower valves. 

Bathroom Installation:

Will my new bathroom fit ?

A professional bathroom installer plays a key role in ensuring that the chosen bathroom fixtures not only fit into the designated space but also function properly.

  • Before purchasing any bathroom fixtures, it's advisable to consult with a professional bathroom installer. They can assess the existing plumbing, electrical systems, and structural elements of the space to determine any potential challenges or modifications needed they will thoroughly check the plumbing to ensure all products are suitable including verifying the water pressure & drainage systems.

  • Measurements are critical. The installer must confirm that the dimensions of the selected bath, toilet, basin, or vanity unit are compatible with the existing plumbing connections.

  • The bathroom installer should ensure that all components of the bathroom suite are compatible with each other. For example, the chosen basin should work seamlessly with the selected vanity unit, and the toilet should complement the overall design.

  • Functionality is a top priority. They will ensure that the installation complies with these standards, covering aspects such as electrical work, plumbing, and safety features.

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