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Bath Taps

At our store, we offer an extensive range of bath taps to cater to your unique preferences. Our selection includes bath filler taps, a pair of taps, and both floor and wall-mounted taps. Each of our taps is made with quality materials, ensuring both style and durability. Transform your bathroom into a luxurious oasis with our premium bath taps. 
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Shop Bath Taps Online

Have a browse around our bathroom store to buy your bath taps online today! With many styles of bath taps to choose from, they will make a big difference to the style of your new bathroom!  We sell all types of bath taps to suit any bath,  whether you are looking for bath mixer taps, bath shower mixer taps, pairs of taps or freestanding bath tap, we have them all ! 

Types of Bath Taps To Buy : 

Bath Taps come in various types, including...

  • Bath Filler Taps  -  A tap that has a spout and two controls on it, one for hot, one for cold. 

  • Bath Shower Mixers - Like above, but with shower handset and hose connected to it.  It has a diverter on it to switch to either bath spout or shower handset.

  • Freestanding Bath Taps -  These taps are tall bath mixer taps, that are floor mounted connected below the floor. Designed to be fitted next to a freestanding bath. 

  • Wall Mounted Bath Taps - Simply that!  a bath mixer tap mounted on the wall with the plumbing concealed behind. This type of bath tap normally includes a wall mounted bath spout and controls, and can also include a shower attachment. 

  • Pair of Bath Taps -  a pair of bath taps, one for cold and one for hot. ​

What is a deck mounted bath tap?

A deck mounted bath tap , is a tap which is fitted on to a bath. Most baths have a ledge on one side which is an area designed for the bath taps to be fitted on to. In most cases the bath comes undrilled and the plumber decides the position of the bath taps with the customer, then drills tapholes and fits the taps.  

Buy Your New Bath Tap Now - We Will Deliver Direct in UK

Check out our collection of bath taps online. We offer super-fast delivery in just 3-5 working days, so you can get your bath tap delivered straight to your door.  Shop now and find the perfect tap for your bathroom !

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